There are many factors that go into a successful game of rugby: Fields need to be booked and lined properly; Players need to be in shape; Balls need to be pumped; Uniforms need to be cleaned and organized; And coaches need to prepare their game-plans.

However, one aspect of rugby that is often overlooked and under-appreciated is the work of the referees. Referees have the near-impossible task of managing either 14 or 30 players on one pitch while simultaneously keeping a balance between the aggression of the game and the calm of the culture.

To be a referee you need to be incredibly fit, have a deep understanding of the laws of the game and have the confidence and composure to manage expectations and emotions in the heat of the moment.

“The referee in rugby is one of the pillars of the sport, and an important icon for the values of the game. More than just managing discipline, through their behaviour and interactions with players the referee can encourage and increase respect and solidarity between all involved on match day,” said Scott Harland, Regional Training Manager for Rugby Americas North.

“I have had the privilege of working with the all levels of officials in our region, and I am consistently impressed and buoyed to see the hard work that referees put in off the field to improve how they serve the game,” added Harland.

So, while the sport of rugby takes a break to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus, Rugby Americas North would like to take a moment to thank the referees. For without your our game would not exist and we are forever grateful for your passion and commitment.


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