Today kicks off the first day of the 2022 Rugby Americas North (RAN) Women’s Forum in Glendale, Colorado. Nominated or selected attendees are traveling in from 13 different unions to up-skill themselves in the areas of team management, match/event management, and high-performance administration through guest speakers, panel discussions and professional training alongside the 2022 RugbyTown Sevens Tournament.

“We tried to plan this to be a very practical form with a lot of tangible takeaways,” said Dr. Roo Chintoh, Vice President of RAN Executive Committee. “All the participants will have the opportunity to not only learn from people who are experts in the area, but to create and use the tools specific to their own home union. We are hosting this event alongside the RugbyTown Sevens tournament so they can take what they learned in the sessions directly to the field and start to pick out some of the things they see in the high performance piece and bring it back to their unions.”