Rugby is guided, on and off the field, by the following World Rugby Core Values:

INTEGRITY– Integrity is central to the fabric of the Game and is generated through honesty and fair play
PASSION – Rugby people have a passionate enthusiasm for the Game. Rugby generates excitement, emotional attachment and a sense of belonging to the global Rugby family
SOLIDARITY – Rugby provides a unifying spirit that leads to lifelong friendships, camaraderie, teamwork and loyalty which transcends cultural, geographic, political and religious differences
DISCIPLINE – Discipline is an integral part of the Game, both on and off the field, and is reflected through adherence to the Laws, the Regulations and Rugby’s core values
RESPECT – Respect for team-mates, opponents, match officials and those involved in the Game is paramount

Rugby Americas North (RAN) recognizes that these values are fundamental to the fabric of our sport, are an important part of our past and are essential for rugby’s future throughout the region.

RAN has established the annual RAN Awards to reward and encourage those teams and individuals that demonstrate our values while raising the status of rugby in their communities, countries or region.

The RAN Awards embrace the principles of the World Rugby Awards, which recognise “the incredible feats that can be achieved through Rugby both on and off the field, and recognises those who through selfless action influence the lives of others, make significant contribution to their communities and demonstrate the force for good that sport can be in all areas of the world.”

The 2019 RAN Awards will be presented in three categories:

  • Fair Play –To the organization, team or individual that best demonstrated rugby’s culture of sportsmanship and fair play through actions on or off the field.
  • Achievement –To the organization, team or individual that has attained the most exceptional accomplishments.
  • Development –To the organization, team or individual that has done the most to grow and develop rugby in their community, country or region.

Nominations for the 2019 RAN Award for Development, Fair Play, and Achievement must be submitted before the end of day, December 19th, 2019 through the Google Form below. All nominations must be supported by the national union, provide the name and contact details of the nominee, as well as details about their accomplishments/contributions. Each union may nominate only one candidate per category.

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