Just days ahead of the Fireminds RAN 7s 2021 kicking off in the Turks and Caicos Islands, we sat down and fired 20 questions at Timothy ‘Student’ Martha from the Curaçao Rugby Federation.

Hear his thoughts on the return of international rugby to the region and to get to know a little more about this young up-and-coming player and Mechanical Engineering student.

rapid fire Q&A with Timothy Martha

  1. Name

Timothy Martha

  1. Age

21 years old

  1. Current team

Curaçao Rugby Federation

  1. How many years have you been playing rugby?

Officially 3 years

  1. Playing position?

Centre or winger

  1. Why did you start playing rugby?

About 5 years ago my PE teacher introduced me to a school beach tournament organized by the Curaçao Rugby Federation. I realized then that I wasn’t too bad at the game and that I really enjoyed it, so I began playing for my school until joined the Curaçao Rugby Federation 2 years later.

rapid fire Q&A with Timothy Martha

  1. What has been your strongest rugby influence?

I would say our Curaçao Coach, Rob. He has taught me so much about rugby through his training.

  1. What rugby achievement are you are proud of?

In 2019, we had an international coach from Austria (Curtis) here in Curaçao and he chose me as the ‘MVP’ in a game we played. I was really proud of that.

  1. Favourite thing about rugby?

That you can be good no matter your height, weight, or athletic abilities.

  1. Favourite player?

Seabelo Senatla – South African Rugby Union player.

  1. What is your pre-game ritual?

Whenever I step onto the field, I always do the religious sign of the cross.

  1. How many RAN tournaments have you competed in?

One other RAN tournament – 2018 RAN 7s in Barbados.

  1. What is your favourite RAN memory?

The 2018 RAN 7s in Barbados. I didn’t play as well as I would have liked, but the trip and experience were priceless.

rapid fire Q&A with Timothy Martha

  1. What has been your preparation for 2021 Fireminds RAN 7s?

Team training and a lot of physical preparation because 7s is very physically demanding.

  1. Biggest challenge in the lead up to 2021 Fireminds RAN 7s?

Maintaining my fitness during the COVID-19 lockdowns.

  1. Who will be your toughest opposition at 2021 Fireminds RAN 7s?

After seeing the schedule, I think it will be Mexico unless we match against Jamaica next round.

  1. What are you most looking forward to about 2021 Fireminds RAN 7s?

Definitely playing team Mexico as they are the toughest opponent from our pool.

  1. What is your goal for this tournament?

To win several games and just to put in a good performance.

  1. What makes the 2021 Fireminds RAN 7s so special?

Since 2018 RAN in Barbados, I’ve been wanting the chance to play again and since COVID-19 we haven’t been able to, so this tournament is a special return to playing rugby for me.

  1. Future rugby goals?

To go and play in Europe so that I can put my skills to the test.

The entire Fireminds RAN 7s 2021 will be streamed live on Rugby Americas North’s website October 16-17