In an exciting closing match, Paraguay won 21 – 19 over Colombia on the second round of the Americas Rugby Challenge U20.

Paraguay opened the scoring eight minutes after the start of the game with a penalty converted by kicker Marcelo Matiauda, and then added another at the 16-minute mark to push their lead to 6 – 0.

Paraguay would add two tries through Juan José Benza at the 25thminute mark and Marcelo Matiauda in the 27thminute mark and would take a 18 – 0 lead into half time.

Continuing their dominant form to open the second half, Paraguay added another three points to lead 21 – 0 off a penalty in what would be their final points of the match.

It was 21 to 0, when in the 50th minute Jorge Gamboa scored the first try for the Colombians, this one converted by Daniel Villa. In the 54th minute, an interception try from winger Alejandro Guisao would add five more points for Colombia and the nervousness of the Paraguayans began to feel.

Sebastian Benitez of Colombia was able to score the third try for the Tucanes in the 69th minute, shortening the score and the chances to 21 to 19.

Before the final whistle, there were two penalties for both teams, not converted. Leaving the result at 21 to 19 in favor of the Yacarés.

Parguay (21): XV Titular: Martín Garcete, Alexander Dure, Mathias Rojas, Tobias Silvero, Bruno Heisecke, Giuliano Chiriani, Ariel Nuñez, José Benza, Nicolas Cabral, Rafael Bareiro, Andres Borgognon, Luciano Altabe, Rodrigo Gómez, Marcelo Matiauda y Santiago Espinola.
ST: 1’ Nicolas Caceres por Alexander Duré
16’ Fabian Fariña por Mathias Rojas
22’ Ivan Rojas por Tobias Silvero y Nicolas Arias por Giuliano Chiriani
33’ Sebastian Cabrera por Santiago Espinola
38’ Nicolas Benegas por Rodrigo Gómez
Colombia (19): XV Titular: Michael Diaz, Pablo Llanos, Sebastian Benítez, Juan Aguirre, Jorge Gamboa, Juan Ruiz, David Mosquera, Andres Venegas, Brayan Ramirez, Daniel Villa, Alejandro Guisao, Juan Pablo Taboada, Alvaro Gamarra, Sebastian Urrego y Daniel Posada.
ST:  27’ Dylan Ramirez por Alejandro Guisao
28’ Sebastian Lora por Sebastian Benitez
Estadio: Héroes del Curupayty
Árbitro:  Simón Larrubia Asistentes: Raimundo Fuenzalida y Dalia Pereira