RAN-Osprey Sports

May 19, 2021 – Rugby Americas North (RAN) is excited to announce a new long-term partnership with global sportswear brand, Osprey as its official apparel supplier.

Through the partnership, Osprey Sports will help deliver high-quality custom sports apparel to rugby communities throughout North America and the Caribbean. Teams, athletes and supporters will have the opportunity to purchase merchandise through an online shop on RAN’s website or at any RAN event in a wide variety of styles and items.

Furthermore, RAN’s Member Unions will have the opportunity to create their own online stores to easily create, manage and sell merchandise specific to their needs.

Osprey Sports specializes in custom and bespoke rugby apparel. In recent years, Osprey has grown substantially to cover a wide range of sports and is now the official supplier of apparel for more than 1,000 rugby clubs and schools globally.

Over the next three years, Osprey Sports will play a vital role in helping expand RAN’s brand presence while promoting fan retention throughout North America and the Caribbean, during what is expected to be a busy return to rugby from COVID-19 in the fall of 2021 and into next year.