Senior Men’s & Women’s Sevens

Event Details

The 2019 RF Group RAN Men’s and Women’s Sevens will take place in George Town, Cayman Islands over the weekend of July 6th and 7th, 2019. Truman Bodden Stadium will be the venue for the international sevens tournament which serves as a qualification event for the Games of the XXXII Olympiad Tokyo 2020 to take place July 24th through August 9th, 2020.

This year’s international competition will also be a Men’s and Women’s qualifier for the 2020 Hong Kong Sevens.


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Truman Bodden Sports Complex | Cayman Islands



It’s a little-known fact that Barbados is renowned as the official birthplace of Caribbean Rugby, with competitive matches between British troops said to date back as far as the early 1900s. Since the 1960s, the national development of the sport has been guided by the...

Vázquez hopes to promote change through sport

Vázquez hopes to promote change through sport

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2019 Schedule & Results

2018 Standings

2019 Schedule Details

Men (8):

  1. Canada
  2. Jamaica
  3. Guyana
  4. Bermuda
  5. Mexico
  6. Trinidad & Tobago
  7. Cayman Islands
  8. Barbados

Day 1 – Pool Games (12 matches):

Pool A Pool B
Canada Jamaica
Bermuda Guyana
Mexico Trinidad & Tobago
Barbados Cayman Islands

Day 2 (12 matches) – knockout stage based on Day 1 Results:

Plate Final Plate Semi Final Quarter Finals Cup Semi Final Cup Final

1st Pool A
vs. 4th Pool B

Winner SF1 SF1: Loser QF1 vs. Loser QF2 QF2:

2nd Pool B

vs. 3rd Pool A

Winner QF1
vs. Winner QF2
Winner SF1
vs. Winner SF2 SF2: Loser QF3 vs. Loser QF4 QF3:

2nd Pool A
vs. 3rd Pool B

Winner QF3
vs. Winner QF4
vs. Winner SF2

1s Pool B
vs. 4th Pool A

Additional Matches:

Loser Plate SF1 v Loser Plate SF2 (7th / 8th Play-Off)
Loser Cup SF1 v Loser Cup SF2 (3rd / 4th Play-Off)

Women (6):

  1. Mexico
  2. Trinidad & Tobago
  3. Jamaica
  4. St Lucia
  5. Bahamas
  6. Bermuda

2018 RAN Sevens Results