Beach Rugby

Save the date for the 2018 DHL RAN Beach Rugby Tournament!

When: Saturday, January 5th
Where: Hollywood Beach, Florida
Who: Men’s, Women’s and Juniors divisions
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Registration opens October 22nd!

About Beach Rugby

RAN has two DHL RAN Beach Rugby pitches for use around the region. Rugby pitches can be used for tag rugby, women’s rugby, 5s rugby, fundraising and development events.

Beach Rugby is a fun game that be played with a minimal amount of resources and equipment. The game is a fast-moving one suitable for boys and girls of all ages to play together, in which tags are worn and removed for the ‘tackle’. The game is fast-paced and exciting, but because it is played on sand, there are some differences to the conventional game of Tag Rugby:

  • Can be played as a 5 or 7-a-side game
  • Both genders, all abilities and all ages welcome
  • Common to use a size 4 ball rather than the traditional size 5
  • Non-contact, Tag Rugby Laws apply

Rent a Pitch!

The DHL RAN Beach Rugby Pitches are available to all unions in the Rugby Americas North region. Pitches can be rented for $500 (includes shipping) and rental is subject to sponsorship restrictions.

Contact Niall Brooks for more information!