YOG Qualifiers Schedule & Results:

922USA 57-0 BARBADOS (M)
944USA 41-0 MEXICO (W)
1130USA 38-7 JAMAICA (M)
1214CANADA 67-0 MEXICO (W)
922CANADA 14-5 USA (W)
944USA 19-12 CANADA (M)
1130(SF 1) Canada (1st) 51-0 Barbados (4th) (W)
1152(SF 2) USA (2nd) 53-0 Mexico (3rd) (W)
1214(SF 1) Canada (1st) 69-0 Barbados (4th) (M)
1236(SF 2) USA (2nd) 33-14 Jamaica (3rd) (M)


1038Men’s FINAL – Canada 14-10 USA
1100Women’s FINAL – Canada 33-5 USA

LAS VEGAS, Nevada — Eight Rugby Americas North (RAN) under-18 boy’s and girl’s teams are preparing to compete at the North America Regional Qualifier March 1-3 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The qualifiers will crown one boy’s champion and one girl’s champion for eligibility to advance to the Youth Olympic Games (YOG) in Buenos Aires in October.

Athletes from Canada, USA, Mexico and Barbados will compete in the girl’s division, while Canada, USA, Jamaica, and Barbados will compete in the U18 boy’s division. Day one and two of competition will be played round-robin style in Silver Bowl Sports Park, with the championship matches being featured center-stage at the USA Sevens Tournament in Sam Boyd Stadium.

“We are thrilled to see the growth in the game at the junior level, and commend all the countries for their efforts towards competing at this event,” said RAN Regional Development Manager, Scott Harland. “Bringing more high-end athletes to rugby at a young age can play an important role in future successes, and win or lose, each of these teams will see the benefits of participating long into the future.”

The YOG began in 2010 and rugby first made its debut in the 2014 Summer YOG, with senior-level sevens debuting in Rio in 2016. Rugby sevens will be one of 32 total sports in Argentina. Twelve rugby teams will compete–one boys and one girls team from each of the six World Rugby regions.

Both Canada and USA competed in the 2014 YOG, with Canada Girls taking home the Silver Medal. This year, Canada’s roster includes four players from another silver medal team. Taylor Black, Oliver De Couvreur, Carmen Izyk and Keyara Wardley took second at the 2017 Youth Commonwealth Games in Bahamas.

“The returning players from last summer will provide leadership and experience. All of the players selected recently played in U18 Canada trial tournament in Kingston this past weekend which was a tough battle for the top 22 players in the country,” said Head Coach Sandra Fiorino.

Canada Boys also look to make a strong showing, and will be coached by Robin MacDowell. MacDowell led Mexico Women to the 2017 RAN Sevens Championship.

“We are extremely excited about our Canadian Junior Maple Leaf’s U-18 side that will compete this week at The Youth Olympic Qualifiers in Las Vegas,” said Robin MacDowell, Canada Boy’s Head Coach.  “We have been focusing on this opportunity for over a year building from the 2017 Commonwealth Games in the Bahamas last summer, and more recently at The World School Games in New Zealand this past December.  These young men are the future of Canadian Rugby and I am excited to see them perform.”

As per IOC rulings only one male and one female team can attend the Youth Olympic Games from each nation. Currently, the place is held for women’s rugby and men’s field hockey in Canada. If the women win in Las Vegas they will automatically attend the YOG this fall, if the men win they will have to wait to see if the U18 men’s field hockey team qualifies as well. If the Canada men’s YOG field hockey team does qualify our men’s program will unfortunately not attend the games.

Mexico is fielding their first-ever Girl’s U-18 team in Vegas. Coaching the group will be the 2017 RAN Sevens Championship team Captain, Dany Rosales. Rosales led her team to the 2017 title in Mexico this year, booking the senior women’s side a ticket to Rugby World Cup in San Francisco. Before Rosales hones in on California however, she’s taking a squad of fourteen athletes to Vegas.

Though Rosales’ team will only have a handful of team trainings under their belt when they take the pitch in Vegas, Rosales is keenly aware of the opportunity for her players as well as for women’s rugby in Mexico as a whole.

“It’s one of the most important experiences for some of the girls because it is their first approach with the national team and the first time they will travel overseas,” says Rosales. “I’m looking to grow the junior team, and keep it running so when they get to play with the senior-side they already know the system. If we keep working with the youth, rugby in Mexico will grow–the junior team is the future of rugby in Mexico.”

Both squads from Barbados have been lucky to have consistent trainings leading up to the country’s debut in the qualification tournament, and Head Coach Kevin Cobham is confident in the union’s prospects. As the Barbados Get Into Rugby Technical Director, Cobham is no stranger to the depth of young talent in Barbados.

“The skill level of the tournament will be high but the juniors have been training twice a week on skills and one day per week on strength and conditioning to ensure that they are physically ready for the weekend of 7s rugby in Las Vegas,” said Cobham. “Barbados Rugby has a bright future with these young male and female rugby players and I am excited to see how they do in this tournament and other tournaments down the road.”

Coming off of the Men’s 2017 RAN Sevens win, Jamaica Rugby Union also has the momentum to to be a contender this weekend. Their 12-man squad consists of seven Jamaica-based athletes and five who are based overseas. USA has an equally strong lineup. The USA Girl’s team will be coached by former Eagle and current General Manager of Women’s Rugby, Emilie Bydwell. JD Stephenson will be coaching on the boys side.

See the full YOG Rugby schedule below and follow Rugby Americas North for score and schedule updates.

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USA Rosters


Susan Adegoke, Kapoina Bailey, Kate Buzby, Alex Dimarco, Fane “Eti” Haungatau, Claira Lemal Brown, Taylor Marasco, Sharyf Mayer, Cecilia Pennell , Olivia Popp, Arianna Ramsey, Maddie Rose, Salote Taulsinga, Camille White


Ty Al-Jiboori, Dante Bandoni, Will Chevalier, Max Clark, Alex Cleary, Jacob Cortinas, Lauina Falatea, Mateo Gadsden, John Grande, Jasper Green, Vili Hopoi, Jalen Lampley, Francisco Ligouri, Sione Mahe, Nikita Moysov, Zach Neff, Jeff Peleseuma, Drew Sanderson, Fatu Teo-Tafiti, Junior Waqavesi

Canada Rosters

  1. Delaney Atkins – Saskatchewan
  2. Taylor Black – Ontario
  3. Kendra Cousineau – Ontario
  4. Syd Seymour – Ontario
  5. Hunter Czeppel – British Columbia
  6. Olivia De Couvreur – Ontario
  7. Brooklynn Feasby – Ontario
  8. Lizzy Gibson – Ontario
  9. Carmen Izyk – Alberta
  10. Kally King – British Columbia
  11. Piper Logan – Alberta
  12. Maggie Mackinnon – British Columbia
  13. Brogan Mior – Alberta
  14. Keyera Wardley – Alberta


  1. Josh Barss – Ontario
  2. Braden Bruce – Ontario
  3. Glenn Butler – Ontario
  4. Jarvis Dashkewytch – British Columbia
  5. Kaleb Delaney – Ontario
  6. Thomas Isherwood – Alberta
  7. Lachlan Kratz – British Columbia
  8. Liam McLaughlin – Ontario
  9. David Richard – Ontario
  10. Jack Shaw – Ontario
  11. Reece Tudor-Jones – British Columbia
  12. Brock Webster – Ontario

Jamaica Boy’s Roster:

Jovan Beckford, Tyrece Wright, Shamar Harrison, Mikel Facey, Deshawn Marriott, Dondre Haughton, Shane Miller, Izaiah, Maison-Maxom, Aaron Hamilton, Christopher Ball, Tendai Allen, Liam Hagley, Christopher- McIntosh, Marvin Kelly, Benjamin Jordon

Barbados Rosters:

U18 Girls

Jara Emtage-Cave, Seanée Dorant, Jessica Derrell, Vanya Edwards, Keanna Mapp, Alanna Quintyne, Shadé Simmons, Marissa Browne, Japhia Lucas, Izora Devonish

U18 Boys

Joshua Young, Nathan Corbin, Simeon John, Myles Maynard, Anthony Nurse, Isaac Paskins, Omar Smith, Kemar Spencer, Wilfred Boxhill, Miguel Weatherhead, Ramon Jackman

Coaches: Kevyn Murrell, Dario Stoute