Chile overpowered Mexico to open the second round of the Americas Rugby Challenge Under-20, defeated the Rugby Americas North side 66 – 18.

Chile scored two tries within eight minutes through Guillermo Vatter, taking the score to 12 – 0.

Mexico’s forwards held strong in the following minutes, causing a penalty where Guillermo Villalpando kicked three points to put Mexico on the board at the 18thminute mark, 12 – 3.

Jorge Delgado at 24 minutes would be responsible for expanding the Chilean lead by scoring a try, which was converted by Guillermo Vatter, bringing the lead to 19 – 3. In the 30th minute, however, Mexico’s Fernando Anduaga scored his team’s first try of the match and after a Villalpando conversion the score was 19 – 10.

At the 32ndminute, Matias Garafulic added another try for Chile, which was converted by Vatter to push the lead to 26 – 10, however just before half time Villalpando of Mexico kicked another three points to bring the score to 26 – 13 leading into the break.

Chile opened the second half with a dominant physical performance, leading to tries from Joaquin Milesi at the 41stminute mark, Lukas Carvallo at the 47thminute mark and Garafulic at the 51stminute. This would bring the score to 45 – 13.

At the 60-minute mark, Garafulic and Vatter added more points for Chile with a try and conversion and Mexico’s Diego Sánches would respond with the a try, however Chile proved too strong as they touched down for two final tries through Cristobal Escobar and Balcázar Jana, both converted by Vatter. Final score was 66 – 18 in favour of the South Americans.


Chile (66): XV Titular: Aquilino Alfonso, Martín Fuentes, Esteban Barra, Manuel Ripamonti, Juan Pablo Duhalde, Jorge Delgado, Ernesto Tchimino, Joaquin Milesi, Raimundo Poblete, Guillermo Vatter, Cristobal Escobar, Baltazar Jana, Clemente Armstrong, Vicente Urbina y Luca Strabucci.


PT: 17’ Matias Garafulic por Vicente Urbina
Inicio ST: Jorge Araya por Esteban Barra
Lukas Carvallo por Raimundo Poblete
16’ Agustin Fernández por Joaquin Milesi
18’ Joaquín Vidal por Ernesto Tchimino
20’ Rufino Costa por Martín Fuentes y Lucas Sandoval por Lucas Strabucci
25’ Santiago Pedrero por Jorge Delgado

Mexico (18): XV Titular: Fernando González, Maximiliano Arriaga, Mario Carranza, Xavier Sotres, Marco González, Emilio Contreras, Emiliano Casillas, Fernando Gutiérrez, Santiago González, Guillermo Villalpando, Enrique Carmona, Sebastian Garza, Omar García, Diego Sánchez y Fernando Anduaga.

Cambios: ST
8’ Leonardo Ribeiro por Mario Carranza
16’ Isaac Romero por Emilio Contreras
25’ Daniel Martinez por Guillermo Villalpando
36’ Alonso Escalera por Fernando Anduaga y José Larraga por Diego Sánchez.

Estadio: Héroes del Curupayty
Árbitro: Aldo Mora Asistentes: Marcos Nunes y Mario Echeverria