July 21, 2021 – Today, British Virgin Islands Rugby Football Union (BVI RFU) launched their official online store through Rugby Americas North’s partnership with Osprey Sports.

Hosted on RAN’s website with a link directly to Osprey Sports’ digital store, the online portal allows rugby fans from throughout North America, the Caribbean and internationally the opportunity to purchase jerseys, singlets, shorts, hats and other official apparel during a five-week window – starting now.

“We’re excited to launch the first online store in the Caribbean for BVI Rugby,” said Niall Brooks, RAN’s General Manager.

BVI Rugby Football Union

Fans can purchase the clothing throughout the allotted time period and items will be shipped to the British Virgin Islands for distribution through the union.

“RAN is hoping that other member unions will leverage this opportunity to create an e-commerce platform as not only a potential revenue source, but also as a way to provide high quality merchandise to players, coaches and supporters in their respective regions.”

To access the website, please click here.

BVI Rugby Football Union