With just 19 days to go until the 2019 RF Group Rugby Americas North Sevens kicks off in George Town, Cayman Islands, tournament organizers announced today the official schedule.

A total of 42 matches will be played over the weekend on July 6th and 7th at the 3,000 seat Truman Bodden Sports Complex. The tournament gets underway with Mexico women taking on St. Lucia at 10:00 a.m. local time on Saturday, with the final match being the men’s cup final at 5:14 p.m. on Sunday afternoon.

For the men’s competition, the tournament serves as a regional qualification event for the Games of the XXXII Olympiad Tokyo 2020 to take place July 24 through August 9, 2020, in Tokyo, Japan.

The men’s tournament sees the eight teams split into two pools of four, and each nation will play the other members of their pool on the Saturday, receiving three points for a win, zero for a loss and one for a draw. At the end of day one, the pools will be ranked one to four based on points accumulated and then crossover in Sunday’s quarter-finals based on 1 v 4 and 2 v 3. Similar to a World Series event, Sunday will see a knock-out format through to the semi-finals and finals.

The women’s competition sees a round-robin format where each country will play the other five throughout Saturday and into Sunday afternoon, with teams receiving three points for a win, zero for a loss and one for a draw. At the end of the round-robin, the teams will be ranked 1 through six and the top two will compete in the cup final, the next two will face off in the 3rd/4th match and the final two in the 5th/6th game.

Canada and USA Women’s Sevens teams officially qualified this past weekend finishing in the top four of the HSBC World Rugby Women’s Sevens Series, sending the top two women’s winners of RAN Sevens to the Repechage tournament, due to take place in June 2020. They will be joined by the 2nd and 3rd place men’s teams from the RAN Sevens weekend.

The 2018 RAN Sevens was last held in Barbados with Jamaica Men and Mexico Women grabbing the first place titles.

All matches of the 2019 RAN Sevens tournament will be streamed live on RAN’s Youtube channel and Facebook Page. Fans can also follow updates using the hashtag #RAN7s on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. The event page for the tournament can be found at www.rugbyamericasnorth.com/ran7s.

Men’s Day 1 Pools

Men’s Pool A (“MA”) Men’s Pool B (“MB”)
 1. Canada  1. Jamaica
 2. Bermuda  2. Guyana
 3. Mexico  3. Trinidad & Tobago
 4. Barbados  4. Cayman Islands

Day 1 Schedule

No. Time Pool Match
1 10:00 W Mexico v St. Lucia
2 10:22 W Trinidad & Tobago v Bahamas
3 10:44 W Jamaica v Bermuda
4 11:06 MA Canada v Barbados
5 11:28 MA Bermuda v Mexico
6 11:5 MB Jamaica v Cayman Islands
7 12:12 MB Guyana v Trinidad & Tobago
8 12:34 W St. Lucia v Trinidad & Tobago
9 12:56 W Mexico v Bermuda
10 13:18 W Jamaica v Bahamas
11 13:4 MA Canada v Mexico
12 14:02 MA Bermuda v Barbados
13 14:24 MB Jamaica v Trinidad & Tobago
14 14:46 MB Guyana v Cayman Islands
15 15:30- W Jamaica v St. Lucia
16 15:52 W Bahamas v Bermuda
17 16:14 W Mexico v Trinidad & Tobago
18 16.36 MA Canada v Bermuda
19 16:58 MA Mexico v Barbados
20 17:2 MB Jamaica v Guyana
21 17:42 MB Trinidad & Tobago v Cayman Islands

Day 2 Schedule

No. Time Pool Match
22 9:30 MQF1 1st Pool A v 4th Pool B
23 9:52 MQF2 2nd Pool B v 3rd Pool A
24 10:14 MQF3 2nd Pool A v 3rd Pool B
25 10:36 MQF4 1st Pool B v 4th Pool A
26 10:58 W Mexico v Bahamas
27 11:20 W Trinidad & Tobago v Jamaica
28 11:42 W Bermuda v St. Lucia
29 12:04 M Plate SF1 Loser MQF1 v Loser MQF2
30 12:26 M Plate SF2 Loser MQF3 v Loser MQF4
31 12:48 M Cup SF1 Winner MQF1 v Winner MQF2
32 13:10 M Cup SF2 Winner MQF3 v Loser MQF4
33 13:32 W Bahamas v St. Lucia
34 13.54 W Trinidad & Tobago v Bermuda
35 14:16 W Mexico v Jamaica
36 14:38 M Plate 7/8 Loser M Plate SF1 v Loser M Plate SF2
37 15:00 M Plate Final Winner Plate SF1 v Winner Plate SF2
38 15.50 W 5/6 5th in Pool v 6th in Pool
39 16.12 W 3/4 3rd in Pool v 4th in Pool
40 16.30 M Cup 3/4 Loser M Cup SF1 v Loser M Cup SF2
41 16:52 W Final 1st in Pool v 2nd in Pool
42 17:14 M Final Winner SF1 v Winnr SF2